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10th March 2008: was released, a new web-based software that enables the paypal users to export their delivery slips to a suitable format in just one click. Instant Payment Notification (IPN) technology is used to capture the data regarding new orders and mark them ready for print. This service is offered for free in the trial period. Some interesting features are:

1. Ebay users mostly use copy-paste to get the customers addresses or use the Ebay print button. The disadvantages to those are: Firstly, it is time-consuming and, secondly, there is no control over the export format. Most of the label printers support CSV extensions which is also supported on Scrobbl’d. Some other software are introduced to do the job (e.g. Label Printer Pro) which are not free of charge.

2. Franking machines are much cheaper. That encourages the sellers to print their own delivery addresses and not use the PayPal postage printing. For example for a parcel weighing at 500 gm paypal charges £3.08 but with a franking machine it costs about £2.88, and if you are dispatching more than one package a day that soon adds up.

You can also add one standard name (SKU – Stock Keeping Unit) for similar items on the transaction list and group the items by name in the print process. This saves a lot of hassle which normally sellers go through while using copy-paste methods or even printing from Ebay.

The export templates allow the users to change the data that is exported to suit their needs. This offers flexibility, for example, for users that have to send their files to a third-party location (warehouse etc.) and they need to use a particular format.

The exported files can be used on any label printing software or database program. Printing your addresses is only one click away.

3. Filtering and search is made easy and flexible on You can search by customers, products and status of the payment or even use your own customized search.

This is the first release of but more services are going to be offered and more specifically designed for home and small businesses.


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  1. jason on

    when i export the transactions for smartstamp I can import them to print the stamps and addresses from my label printer directly, that’s great. Is scrobbld going to have this functionality to print the stamps as well?

  2. scrobbld on

    @jason yes Scrobbld has the capability to export directly to be imported into smartstamp.

    Sorry for the delay in reply, please note that the blog has moved to

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