Search Options

You can explore or drill down into your data in a number of ways. The first is using the search box on the left hand side of the “transaction overview” page. The second is using the “search” links at the bottom of each order, which is a search shortcut. And the third one is to filter by customers, products or status of payment. The following are a list of possible searches, and tags that can be used for more advanced users.

  • Single terms john burrows will search all orders for the terms john and burrows in the same order.
  • Phrases “john burrows” where john and burrows have to be next to each other in the order.
  • Tags (to be used by advanced users) address_name:john where the field ‘address_name’ will be searched for the text john. Phrases can also be used, e.g. address_name:”john burrows” where the phrase john burrows should be present in the ‘address_name’ field. Other possible tags include first_name, last_name, print, item_name, quantity, address_zip, address_state, address_city, address_street, payer_id, auction_buyer_id, payer_email and others.
  • Finally the items can be grouped by status of payment (completed, pending, refunded, disputed or reversed) or the product name (better to be used along with the Standard Name) or customer names (for example to see if they are eligible for combined postage)
  • There are more filtering options for example on the left side bar (for status of payments) and on the top bar for unprinted orders and etc. that you find it very easy to navigate through your orders, manage them and print them in seconds.


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