e-Delivery for eBay and PayPal Users

Scrobbld.com has introduced eDelivery (Digital Delivery) for PayPal and eBay users on the 20th of March 2008. This service is limited in size upload though users who sign up now will currently have access to it for free.

This is so a Seller can attach files to their transactions which are sent automatically as they receive a  Completed payment for an item. The generated links can be set to expire on a particular day or last indefinitely. This service can also be used for tangible items, so for example an electronic copy of a manual can be sent when the user buys a certain product.

This is a service for both eBay and PayPal users to reduce the amount of printing and paperwork as well as the weight of postage which can save a lot of time, ink and energy transmitting and delivering the products as well as reducing postage prices, which is of course much better for everyone! (well, you get the buyer to print it out instead).


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