eBay and Scrobbld Digital Delivery: A comparison study

As most of us know eBay is offering the Digital Delivery (e-delivery) for quite some time now. If you don’t know how digital delivery works on eBay I suggest you first go through the links at the bottom of this blog. Here is the comparison between this service and another service which I think is somehow more flexible.



Digital Item is normally delivered instantly after payment is confirmed.

Digital items always delivered instantly after the payment is confirmed.

Buy it Now (Fixed Price) is the only available option for items of this type.

Does not depend on the listing method. The items are delivered after payment is made.

Items should be listed under digital items category.

It works independent of the categories listed on.

Manuals and Softwares should be sent directly to buyer. There is no link between item and digital items.

Manuals, Softwares etc. can be associated with tangible items and delivered.

The files should be moved to different links from time to time to avoid misuse and distribution.

Links are expired after the delivery is being made but this does not affect the original file.

Files are hosted by seller.

Files are hosted by Scrobbld.

Only on the USA, Canada or Australia eBay site.

On any eBay and non-eBay website.


1. eBay Help on Digital Delivery: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/selling-digital-items.html

2. e-Junkie Review: http://www.e-junkie.com/ej/ebay_digital_delivery.html

3. Scrobbld Help: http://www.scrobbld.com/help.php#21

UPDATE: Please note that our blog has moved to http://blog.scrobbld.com/


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