A simple guide for eBay beginners

How to start and improve your very own eBay business?

Yes that’s right! The question you’ve been asking yourself for a long time. The truth is nobody can give you the complete answer. Some parts of this business take a long time to learn and it is different for everyone. Here I guide you through the first 10 things you’ve got to have in mind in any eBay business.

1. Register an eBay account, duh! To sell on eBay you need an eBay account.

2. Sign up for PayPal. This will take out a lot of hassle from accepting other payment services and let’s you focus on the real thing. You can have other payments later when you had an idea of what’s going on.

3. Select your category. A learning phase consists of doing many research. Since eBay is a big market it is a good idea to first select the category of items you want to sell to avoid confusion. If you don’t know it at the moment just go for the category of your interest to keep you motivated. This will allow you to learn the market and also understand the life cycle of products as well as what sells best.

4. Never stop watching. Learn the structure. Go to eBay.com and search for something you would like to buy. Try to refine your search. See the titles, descriptions, offers, pictures, feedbacks etc. You can learn a lot from just watching. While watching make a Q&A for yourself. Something like – What sells a product well? Is it a nice picture? A comprehensive description? Feedback? What would I look at if I was going to buy?

5. Always go straight and be honest. eBay is an automated machine with a complicated algorithm to identify unusual behaviour. Let me give you an example. One of your friends came to you and said – “I am selling something on eBay and the bid is $15. I think it can go for $24. Can you bid on $23 and if it doesn’t sell I will pay you for it.” What is the best answer here? It is, NO. As my friend Piyush says do something that you will always be proud of. Sooner or later your deeds will be noticed and your ebay account may be banned.

6. Answer your emails. Depending on the number of emails you receive, set specific times during the day to answer them. Be nice to your customers. Treat them like you would want to be treated as a customer. This will definitely be appreciated (I recommend gmail for the start).

7. Start selling slowly, don’t hurry. Take your time to learn. If you try to sell fast, you may not see the results you expected (because you think you can but for many reasons you actually can’t, in later articles I will discuss the reasons in more detail but take my word for the time being).

8. eBay is made for everyone. Whether you have 2 PhDs in business from Cambridge or no education at all, you can still learn eBay. It is simple and many online services are available for free for beginners.

9. Don’t stop doing the wrong thing over and over again, change your strategy: If you started to lose take the experience and change your strategy.

10. Turn your hobby into business not your business into hobby. I remember once Anthony Robbins said – “If you don’t take a business serious it might fall into the hobby category”. Try to be serious about what you are doing.

Best of luck!

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