Avoid buyer scams, fake buyers and frauds on eBay/PayPal : Part II

On the previous blogs we briefly discussed the protection for PayPal purchases. “Buyer requirement on eBay” is another useful tool to filter the users based on history/profile. Although this reduces the number of allowed users to purchase your item it takes a lot of hassle out of your transactions and saves a great deal of time and money that you may lose later.

To edit your buyer requirements on eBay, do:

  1. In My eBay, under the ‘My Account’ column, click the “Preferences” link.
  2. In the Seller Preferences section, click the “Buyer Requirements” link.
  3. Click on the edit link.
Let us start by changing the “buyer requirements” step by step (The recommendations below are based on experience):
  • Buyers without a PayPal account (Recommended): With this selection you will block the users who do not have a PayPal account. This is basically because most PayPal users will pay faster than the others or because of sellers protection introduced by PayPal. Also, more and more buyers are using PayPal so it is an attractive choice for buyers too. Please don’t forget that when you can receive the payment faster then you can also send the items faster and therefore you can maintain a better customer experience.
  • Buyers with Unpaid Item strikes (Recommendation: 2 Disputes/1Month): This is to avoid the buyers who have not paid for a number of items in a period of time.
  • Buyers in countries to which I don’t ship (Recommended): Unless you are offering your service worldwide you might want to consider selecting this one. I have seen sellers who forgot to change this setting and later on received a negative feedback because the buyer expected them to ship the item.
  • Buyers with policy breach reports (Recommendation: 4 breaches/6 months): To block the buyers who have been reported. This is not necessarily negative but may be 4 times is enough to get the taste.
  • Buyers with a negative feedback score (Recommendation : -1): To block buyers who have received more negative than positive feedbacks.
  • Buyers who may bid on several of my items and not pay for them (Recommendation: 5 items unless feedback is over 5): To block buyers who are bidding or buying your items in a period of time without having enough history to credit their purchase.
  • Buyers with no credit card on file: This basically gives a hint if the buyer account is a serious account or just a normal account made in 5 minutes. The buyers are verified in this case.
If you know more ways to protect sellers from scams, frauds and fake buyers please do comment.
Please also see the Part I.
http://www.scrobbld.com: A new way to manage your eBay and PayPal orders.

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