eBay Policy Update: Sellers must offer paypal

“eBay wants to ensure that the marketplace offers buyers safe, appropriate and convenient payment choices for the marketplace. eBay requires all sellers listing on eBay.co.uk to offer payments through PayPal (with some exceptions). PayPal is not only convenient to use, but it also offers buyers and sellers protection assistance against fraud, chargebacks and theft of financial data …” [1]

eBay has always indirectly encouraged sellers and buyers to use PayPal and has now made it mandatory for sellers to offer PayPal as a payment option. Though other payment services such as credit cards, bank transfers and cash in person (on collection) are still allowed (for more details please see references). Following the policy above, no cash or instant payments are permitted.


1. eBay Policies: Accepted Payments Policy

http://www.scrobbld.com: A new way to manage your eBay and PayPal orders.


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