How to increase sales by selling internationally on eBay?

It is somehow obvious that going international on eBay increases exposure and therefore sales. However one might lose some time and money to be able to overcome barriers encountered. The objective of this post is to share those ideas.

Building the safety net

  • Write your descriptions accurately: An accurate description of the item saves a lot of hassle that might come later. Explain everything, be specific, missing components from the ones written on the box, has got scratches, condition is not new, one button is not working properly say it, and preferably say it in bold and capital characters ;).
  • Sell only presentable items: If you think your item is not in a saleable condition don’t sell it. It will save you time and money.
  • Decide on your return policy: Whether you accept returns or don’t provide a return policy. Explain in what condition you will be willing to accept the item back, if you are paying for the return postage, etc.
  • Research the restrictions in countries: Before you sell an item it is your job to find out if the item is not against the import policies of the country or the postage company you’re using, and let your buyers know of possible taxes/duties involved.
  • Research the postage prices and be fair: Find the postage prices for the postal companies you would like to offer, add the packaging prices and leave a safety margin for your costs (a small charge on the top). What I do not recommend is trying to make money on the postage. It will affect your exposure on eBay and it doesn’t project a good picture (eBay search results are based on many terms and one of those is fair postage price).
  • Find out the estimated delivery time: Go to the carrier’s website and find out the estimated delivery times, add it to your handling time and give the buyers an estimation of when the item will be delivered. Many buyers are looking for the fastest service rather than the cheapest.
  • Signed delivery: In comparison to local shipping the chances of items getting lost or damaged are much higher. Use a signed delivery for your items.
  • Use safe payment services: Use PayPal, Escrow or other payment services that cover you for unauthorized payments and deliveries.

Marketing Tips

  • Market Research: Terapeak offers eBay market research solutions for US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany at the moment. The annual subscription is about $200.
  • Experience of international sales: If you have any experience of making international sales say it and win over competition.
  • Use eBay marketing tools: There are marketing tools such as email marketing and newsletters available on your eBay, use them, it’s free!
  • Offer a fair postage price: As mentioned previously this affects your ranking in eBay search.
  • Customer Feedbacks: In addition to previous point, customer feedbacks directly affect your visibility in search results.


  • Communication: The winning point on eBay and basically any online business is the customer service. Notify them that you have received the payment, when you dispatched the item and send them the tracking number and the receipts (We take care of all this for you on Scrobbld).
  • Customs forms: If there is a any customs forms (tax) fill it out. Customs forms are available in post offices and on carrier websites.
  • List your item on eBay websites for specific countries: eBay allows sellers to list their items on sister eBay websites for different countries and offers to be paid via PayPal.
  • Specify postages in the listing: Other than the description, setting postage prices in postage section of the listings is important to attract buyers. A new way to manage your eBay and PayPal orders.


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