Analysing international eBay market using Google Trends

What would you do if you knew from which countries people are most likely to visit your listings? Would you consider for example revising your descriptions or perhaps translating and welcoming in other languages? It would be great.

Google once again introduced another beautiful tool, Google Trends, where you can see hot search topics and compare them.

Here,,, and are compared which are considered to be the top eBay sites by the number of users and traffic. Looking at the Google Trends results the popularity is in this order:


Note: Therefore you might want to consider listing on at least the top eBay websites when you go international.

Furthermore, it is also possible to see from which countries people are visiting each eBay website more. For example, below you can see the data for One might want to consider offering postages and prices on the listings or providing the descriptions in other languages to attract more customers.


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