Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for eBay Stores

Here a few things you can do to boost the ranking of your eBay store in search engines.

1. Carefully choose your store name: The store name is important firstly because it may give an idea of the primary field of the business and products to customers. Secondly the store web address is your store name which then appears in search engine results. To update your eBay store name click here.

Tip 1: Use Google trends to compare the importance of keywords. For example, a comparison between ‘computer’ and ‘computers’ in Trends shows that former is a more popular keyword for searching and hence a better term to describe your store.

2. Store Description: First of all use a template that contains a header with few descriptive keywords. Be descriptive enough for the audience and search engines and include the keywords relevant to the buyers search. To update your eBay store description click here.

Tip 2: Do not try to flood your pages with keywords. Use them sparingly.

Tip 3: Using irrelevant keywords might get you some temporary traffic but since it is useless traffic, it decreases your conversion rate and will lower your ranking.

3. Custom Pages: These are the pages where you can showcase of your items, have special promotions and more importantly describe your business history. Use it to your advantage to build reputation, to talk to your customers and increase your ranking in the search results. To create your eBay store custom page click here.

4. Custom Categories: Have your products be divided into customized categories. Search engines (specifically Google) will only index the eBay store pages if the store has at least 5 categories of products with subcategories[2]. Besides that it will be much easier for customers to browse your products with relevant categories.

5. Listing Headers: The same story of selecting keywords applies to your ‘listing headers’. Choose them carefully to show your item, where you are selling and if there are any promotions for the items.

Tip 4: Yahoo overture is a good tool for trying out different possibilities of keywords.

Tip 5: eBay pulse is another tool which shows the popular eBay searches.

6. Submit your products to Google: Use site connector to submit your products to Google.

7. Keep watching your stats: Keep track of your site stats on eBay Traffic Reporting or for more detailed stats use sellathon.


1. Optimize your eBay Store.
2. Search Engine Optimization for eBay Stores.


4 comments so far

  1. Jason Watson on

    Great set of tips. It is really important to be indexed by google. Within My Ebay, sellers have the ability to track traffic (My Ebay – Manage Store – Track Traffic). I get over 12k page views on my auctions a day and there is a fair amount from search engines such as google.

    Jason Watson

  2. It is difficult to sell products in internet. Any tips how to increase the conversion rate ?

  3. scrobbld on

    @Jason Thanks for your kind comments. What techniques have you found useful to increase traffic to your listings?

    @2 We have mentioned some tips in our previous posts. But since that is a broad question, you may find a blog post on increasing conversion rates here shortly.

  4. DirtyToyTrunk on

    I have downloaded Google Store Connecter but when I try to run the file it says that windows cannot open this file. It prompts me to find the program that created the file by connecting to the internet. However when I connect to the internet I still can’t fing the program.

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