Increasing Conversion Rates on eBay

The question is do you really want conversions? No you don’t, you only want conversions at the prices you want. So here are a few hints:

Provide Accurate Descriptions: As you may have noticed from previous posts, clear descriptions are the key for successful sales. The rule of thumb for marketing is that an online seller has an average of 3 seconds to convince the buyer. So if you have to make a professional HTML template, then do it as soon as possible. Divide your descriptions into sections for postage, payment, return policy and specifications for your item. Be nice with your policies and think of yourself as a customer when writing them.

Category: List your items in the right category. It’s really a big turn off to see some items listed in unrelated categories.

Pictures: Try to take your own pictures if you can. Buyers are losing more and more confidence in nice studio pictures downloaded from manufacturers’ websites and prefer to know what they are actually buying.

Promotions: If you think it’s worth it, try promoting your item on eBay by highlighting your item and adding subtitles and so forth.

Combined Postage: Offering combined postage (sending more than one items in one postage) not only attracts customers to buy more of your items but gives you a fair advantage over the competition.

International Selling: This one is somehow obvious. Offering items on international markets will give more exposure and traffic to your listings. However it is important to note down a few things mentioned in our previous post on international selling.

SEO for Listings: For detailed descriptions on this please refer to the previous post on SEO for eBay listings.

SEO for eBay Stores: If you are also listing your items on eBay store read the guidelines on SEO for eBay stores.

Good Customer Relations: Your customers are your long term investments. If you offer good service, not only do you get your customers come back again and again, but they will also recommend you to their friends and family.

Greed is good, but be ready to take risks: It is a good idea to do the research on the market and optimize your pricing, but if you think you can get traffic by low price auctions, do it. You may lose once but you will definitely win later.

Offering Available Payment Options: Buyers prefer various payment options so try to offer as much options as possible. Though obviously you now have to offer PayPal by default.


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  3. Josh on

    fair enough jimbo but what are the other options? at the moment we have to stick to what’s best at least ebay offers some protection for buyers and sellers if they go with the guidelines.

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