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Scrobbl’d takes the hassle out of managing orders from eBay and PayPal for sellers.

It’s easy to see when you’ve already dispatched a package, and keep track of your stock levels as we receive a notification of any transaction when it is conducted.

Set up automatic email notifications (with an attached PDF invoice if you so choose) to let your customers know you’ve received their order, and when you’re going to dispatch. This reduces the time you spend dealing with customer emails as they are better informed.

Export information to a CSV file for easy integration with shipping label printers, Microsoft Accounting and Excel. All exported transactions can be marked as read (so you don’t do it twice).

Put the items you sell/list with different names which are essentially the same item in a group and manage the stock levels for the whole group instead of individual items.

We also offer solutions for eDelivery, as well as hosting for your eBooks. As soon as you receive a completed payment for an eBook, we automatically dispatch it to the customer.

Home/Small businesses are welcome to use all the cool features on our website for a free trial period. The web-based software is suitable for both MAC and Windows users and tested on a large sample of data before release. We appreciate your feedback in advance.

Visit the website at scrobbld.com


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