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How to avoid unwanted item returns from buyers on eBay?

You wake up one morning, you decide to list an item and make sure it is working and add a description. The item sells and everything looks good. A few days later you receive an email from the buyer accusing you of listing faulty goods or that the item is not as described. You say that the item was actually working when you sent it and it was probably damaged in the post. Subsequently, the buyer says that they wants to return the item, though refuse to pay the postage since ‘it is not his fault’ and ‘they are being patient over the matter’. He also mentions that he is willing not to leave negative feedback if everything goes fine. If you are a professional seller you probably send a prepaid envelope or pay for the postage and send another item or refund him. What a headache, Right?

But what can a seller do to avoid this. If you are already locked into a similar experience you might have to bite the bullet and take it as experience but here are a few guidelines to reduce the risks in future:

  • Cover yourself with your description: State the condition of your item and clearly mention the return policy if you have one, time limits, restocking fees, shipment responsibilities, and fees (that can be import tax fees).
  • Always watch your buyers, look at their feedback ratings and if there are any questionable ones contact the sellers to ask for their experience. Take advantage of eBay tools to block unwanted buyers and cancel bids.
  • Report the suspicious buyers to eBay.
  • If you think a buyer is registered under a false identity or address you can also report that specifically.
  • After the buyer is suspended open an unpaid item dispute.
  • Keep documents and pictures of your item and provide proof to eBay, PayPal and credit companies if required.

The sellers community can very much reduce the number of such events if they take the above measures, and discuss issues with other sellers. In general, just be careful and the selling experience can be a profitable and enjoyable experience.