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How are things going…

Thanks to everyone who has signed up on the home page to be notified about when finally goes live (drop your email in if you haven’t already done so).

We’ve had a great response so far, so that’s very positive feedback for us to keep working hard on the site and get it going as soon as possible.

I’ve received a few emails asking about ETA. Now, that’s quite a difficult one so I will try and give as good an answer as possible. We’re currently switching the hosting from Fasthosts to SliceHost (a thoroughly positive move after all the problems experienced with Fasthosts, more on that after we release at which time I will dedicate a whole post to abhorrent rantings about the “UK’s number one webhost”).

Apart from that, we are still testing with a couple of our most trusted users, adding support for PayPal subscriptions and ebooks and generally sprucing the place up. Will pull out a feature list shortly.

To finish, it remains for me to say, apologies for the wait, but I think you will see that it’s worth it.